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News hairdressers - professional hair Plates

Via Tullio Levi Civita, 45 | 00146 | Roma (RM), Italy | +39.06.5414114 | +39.06.5414114

News hairdressers - professional hair Plates


There are other companies that follow the fashion that they create . The Dune 90 International is a must for those who make the aesthetics of hair professionals and his being. The path traced by the Roman has expanded worldwide , bringing back the old motto "Roma Caput Mundi " and turning it into "Roma Caput Mundi beauty products ."
Since 1990 , year of birth , the company's extensive line of professional products for beauty salons and hairdressers has expanded and evolved . The biggest growth , however, has not taken space to the quality that distinguishes our products. The attention to detail in each of our article leads us to a level of excellence and puts us in a space where technology and craftsmanship come together and making our products unique and unparalleled . Design, fashion , manufacturing, service and trend are our main prerogatives and customer satisfaction is our unfailing trademark.
Each product is thoroughly tested to ensure unmatched quality and a standard very high level . In addition, each of our article is in possession of the CE mark and RHOS .
In a market where competition follows the trends established by others, the International DUNE 90 takes you on a future dall'inimitabilit the past. Why only where the various stages of technology meet with the care crafts you create the perfect product and the DUNE 90 is the only international company to take care of her articles as its customers.


News hairdressers - professional hair Plates

Via Tulio Levi Civita, n.45
Roma - 00146 - Italy
Tel/Fax: +39 06.5414114

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