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Contract manufacturing professional hair products GARAGNANI | Factory Trichology and Professional Cosmetics in outsourcing

Via Tecnica, 6 | 47828 | San Martino dei Mulini, Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN), Italy | +39.0541.75884

Contract manufacturing professional hair care products


Through specialized production facilities ensures a production capacity from 50 kg to 1300 kg for a single batch. The process equipment also allow production of small and medium-sized quantities of bulk product. A comprehensive care and a high flexibility on the choice of packaging - by developing graphics, text - the packaging of containers in different formats, allows you to create unique products. The laboratory specializes in specific Trichology - hair products for the professional sector Cosmetics - professional products for the hygiene and the treatment for the face and body Fragrances custom - essences, flavors and combinations of essential oils designed for industrial production.

Research The research laboratory has regularly worked with renowned consultants university. The choice of raw materials, involving the best suppliers, responsibility for controls on physico-chemical and microbiological provided. It has its own formulations, and it is open to innovation and the development of specific formulations and innovative on demand. The research department offers the important service of creation and production of fragrances and processing of alcoholic essences and essential oils; creating personalized and exclusive articles, meeting the needs of the cosmetics industry. A particular attention paid to the preservation of the environment and - focusing on natural substances and plant - and the elimination of animal testing.

Quality are all requirements of the law in force in Italy and European countries to ensure and guarantee the final consumer. A service of complete security and guaranteed by the rules of good manufacturing cosmetics GMPC (Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics). On customized products are performed all tests of cutaneous tolerability and additional certifications, required by law. Through the support of leading universities tests are carried out on request.

A careful and attentive customer service consulting service focuses on the direct relationship with the customer. The sale of the product can be carried out in full-service, semi-finished or to be packaged in drums. Discretion and confidentiality are dedicated to the success of the company to the customer. The products in our company logo already in production are meant to qualified distributors, aimed at professional customers.


SHAMPOO: DERMAL SHAMPOO AHA. DERMAL specific shampoo and a salt supplement the scalp to fruit acids AHA, with nourishing and moisturizing. It solves all the problems of deterioration that daily affect the integrity of the hair fiber. Extends its nourishing and moisturizing the scalp and is particularly suitable for frequent washing and treatment of active prevention antidiradamento. The constant use delays aging due to the accumulation of free radicals. Content 250 ml. / 1000 ml. / 10000 ml.
Shampoo: DERMAL SHAMPOO HONEY. Nourishing Energizing shampoo DERMAL specific HONEY place effective action for damaged hair, dull and damaged by various treatments. The ability restructuring and nourishing, gives vitality, shine and elasticity to the hair, protecting them from chemical and atmospheric agents. Content: 1000 ml.
Shampoo: DERMAL ALGI CITRUS SHAMPOO & Vitamin C Revitalizing DERMAL Action Anti-Dandruff shampoo specific to CITRUS FRUIT & VITAMIN C plays an intense revitalizing action. Keeping the skin soft and cleansed, helps to slow the presence of dandruff. Effective on the lengths of the hair to prevent dryness and brittleness. Content: 1000 ml.
Shampoo: DERMAL PEPPERMINT SHAMPOO. Refreshing Toning DERMAL Sebum-Balancing specific shampoo PEPPERMINT an intense toning and revitalizing the skin, stimulating blood circulation in the hair bulb. Gives hair elasticity, shine and natural volume, eliminating electrostatic charges. It acts as a sebum-balancing. Content: 1000


Contract manufacturing professional hair care products

Via Tecnica 6 - San Martino dei Mulini
47828 Santarcangelo di Romagna - Rimini - Italy
Tel. +39 0541 758844

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